Modoc County Class Specifications

The Human Resources Department is currently working to update the Modoc County Class Specifications. As each class specification is updated to the approved format, the class specification will be listed on this webpage.

Accountant/Auditor I
Accountant/Auditor II
Accountant/Auditor III
Administrative Assistant
Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures/Air Pollution Control Officer
Agricultural Field Technician I 
Agricultural Field Technician II
Agricultural/Weights and Measures Inspector I
Agricultural/Weights and Measures Inspector II
Air Pollution Specialist I
Air Pollution Specialist II
Appraiser I
Appraiser II
Appraiser III
Assessor-Recorder Technician I
Assessor-Recorder Technician II
Assistant Auditor/Clerk
Assistant Chief Probation Officer
Assistant County Administrative Officer
Assistant Engineer
Assistant Planner
Associate Engineer
Associate Planner
Auditor-Appraiser I
Auditor-Appraiser II
Auto and Equipment Mechanic I
Auto and Equipment Mechanic II
Auto and Equipment Mechanic Supervisor
Auto and Equipment Mechanic-Weed Abatement Coordinator
Behavioral Health Branch Director
Behavioral Health Case Management Specialist I
Behavioral Health Case Management Specialist II
Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor
Behavioral Health Clinician I
Behavioral Health Clinician II
Behavioral Health Nurse I
Behavioral Health Nurse II
Branch Director of Environmental Health
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Supervisor
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Worker I
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Worker II
Chief Building Official
Chief Deputy Treasurer-Tax Collector
Chief District Attorney Investigator
Chief Probation Officer
Children and Families First Director
Clerk of the Board
Correctional Officer I
Correctional Officer II
Correctional Sergeant
County Administrative Officer
Deputy Agricultural Commissioner
Deputy Clerk I (County Clerk)
Deputy Clerk II (County Clerk)
Deputy Clerk III (County Clerk)
Deputy Clerk of the Board I
Deputy Clerk of the Board II
Deputy Director of Information and Technology
Deputy Director of Public Works
Deputy Director of Social Services
Deputy Director of the Office of Emergency Services
Deputy District Attorney I
Deputy District Attorney II
Deputy District Attorney III
Deputy Public Guardian
Deputy Road Commissioner of Administration
Deputy Road Commissioner of Operations
Deputy Sheriff I
Deputy Sheriff II
Deputy Watermaster
Director of Health Services
Director of Social Services
Dispatcher I
Dispatcher II
Dispatcher Supervisor
Eligibility Specialist I
Eligibility Specialist II
Eligibility Specialist III
Eligibility Specialist Trainee
Eligibility Supervisor
Employment and Training Worker I
Employment and Training Worker II
Employment and Training Worker III
Employment and Training Worker Supervisor
Engineering Technician I
Engineering Technician II
Environmental Health Specialist I
Environmental Health Specialist II
Environmental Health Technician
Executive Secretary
Health Education Specialist
Health Program Manager
Health Services Administrative Clerk I
Health Services Administrative Clerk II
Health Services Administrative Specialist 
Health Services Financial Manager
Human Resource Analyst I
Human Resource Analyst II

Human Resource Analyst III
Human Resources and Risk Manager Director
Information Systems Analyst I
Information Systems Analyst II
Information Systems Analyst III
Information Systems Customer Coordinator
Juvenile Corrections Counselor I
Juvenile Corrections Counselor II
Library Director
Library Technician I
Library Technician II
Machinist/Auto and Equipment Mechanic
Migrant Center Manager
Migrant Program Manager
Office Assistant I
Office Assistant II
Office Assistant III
Paralegal I
Paralegal II
Payroll Specialist I
Payroll Specialist II
Payroll Specialist III
Planning and Natural Resources Director
Probation Officer I
Probation Officer I w/Associates Degree
Probation Officer II
Probation Officer III
Probation Technician I
Probation Technician II
Program Manager
Public Guardian
Public Health Branch Director
Public Health Nurse (PHN) II
Road Commissioner/Public Works Director
Road Department Financial Manager
Road Maintenance Superintendent
Road Maintenance Supervisor
Road Maintenance Worker I
Road Maintenance Worker II
Senior Appraiser
Senior Environmental Health Specialist
Senior Planner
Senior Road Maintenance Worker
Sheriff's Financial Manager
Sheriff's Fiscal /Administration Assistant/OES
Sheriff's Patrol Sergeant
Social Service Aide
Social Worker I
Social Worker II
Social Worker III
Social Worker IV (A)
Social Worker IV (B)
Social Worker Supervisor I
Social Worker Supervisor II
Staff Services Analyst I
Staff Services Analyst II
Staff Services Manager
Staff Services Specialist
Supervising Deputy Probation Officer (Exempt)
Supervising Probation Officer (Non-Exempt)
Supervising Public Health Nurse
Supervising Staff Services Analyst
Support Services Administrator
Treasurer-Tax Collector Specialist I
Treasurer-Tax Collector Specialist II
Treasurer-Tax Collector Specialist III
Veterans Services Officer
Victim Witness Coordinator and Public Administration