The Modoc County Recorders office is prohibited from doing lien searches. Our office does provide a public computer for you to use for this type of search, however, if you are unable to come into our office to use our public computer you can use this online index search option to view our Index.

To use this option, you must know the name of the current owner of the property.  When searching enter the last name, first name of the person you are searching for. This will bring up everyone that we have indexed under that name, you will need to scroll down to find the correct person you are looking for.

If you do find a document you are looking for you can then mail in a request to our office to purchase the documents.

You will need to provide the document number when requesting your document. Please keep in mind that our document numbers start over ever year. For example, the search results will show the record date as of 10/02/2007 and the document number as 0007088. If you were to request this document you would need to request 2007-0007088-00. This will help us to find your document promptly.