Public Hearing Resources for Redistricting
Click on the link below to obtain a copy of the presentation for each public hearing or draft map.

On December 14, 2021, the Modoc County Board of Supervisors approved and adopted a final map as the new boundaries for the Modoc County supervisorial districts.  

To view the final recommended map scheduled for adoption on December 14, 2021, click the link below. 

Public Hearing # 1: 9-28-2021 Presentation

Public Hearing# 2: 10-12-2021 Presentation

Public Hearing #3: 11-9-2021 Presentation 

Public Hearing #4: 11-30-2021 Presentation

Final Map Adoption: 12-14-2021 Presentation

Proposed Redistricting Draft Map A

Proposed Redistricting Draft Map B

Proposed Redistricting Draft Map C

Proposed Redistricting Draft Map D

(This recording includes instructions on how to use the District Scenario Modeler for the creation of a
Modoc County district map for submission and consideration by the Board of Supervisors)

(This recording presents options for the Board of supervisors and the public to review draft district maps for Modoc County.
Links to these maps are available on the District Scenario Modeler for review or use in the public creating and submitting their own map )

(This recording presents the final district maps to the Board of Supervisors and public for Modoc County.)

(This recording presents the final district map and approval and adoption by the Board of Supervisors to establish the new Modoc County supervisorial districts.)