Permitting Process for Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

An Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) is, essentially, equipment that connects an electric vehicle to a source of electricity to recharge. EVCS’ can be in the garage of a single-family home for personal use or located in the parking lot of a local shopping center where multiple users can connect. On Oct. 7, 2015, Assembly Bill AB 1236 was signed into law, requiring local jurisdictions to adopt an ordinance that provides for an expedited, streamlined permitting process for EVCS installations. In response, the County amended its code to add Chapter 15.05 to its Building Regulations, which established an administrative review process for EVCS installations. 

The County of Modoc has adopted an ordinance that creates a permitting process for electric vehicle charging stations consistent with state law. In developing a permitting process, the County of Modoc has developed a checklist of all requirements with which electric vehicle charging stations shall comply in order to be eligible for review. This checklist contains technical aspects of EVSE installations and is intended to help expedite permitting and use for electrical vehicle charging. Once this checklist has been deemed complete a permit shall be issued to the applicant. However, if it is determined that the installation might have a specific adverse impact on public health and safety, additional verification will be required before a permit can be issued. This checklist substantially follows the “Plug-In Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Permitting Checklist” contained in the
Governor’s Office of Planning and Research “Zero Emission Vehicles in California; Community Readiness Guidebook” and is purposed to augment the guidebook’s checklist.

Please refer to the resources below for links to the County ordinance, building permit application and electric vehicle checklist.
Chapter 15.05 - Permitting Process for Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

Building Permit Application 
Electric Vehicles and Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment Building Permit Submittal Checklist

To locate electric vehicle charging stations within Modoc County visit the U.S. Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. 

Should you have any questions regarding this program or have suggestions on how it can improve, please contact the Building Department at (530) 233-6413 or via e-mail at